Mastermind Advantage

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We believe in the perfect balance of work and play. So, in addition to our unique curriculum, we have an array of field trips that are great and exciting learning environments for our Masterminds!

Other fun activities may include:blackboard01

  • Federal Reserve Bank & Monetary Museum
  • High Museum of Art
  • Skate Day
  • Centennial Olympic Park
  • World of Coca Cola
  • Zoo Atlanta
  • Field Day
  • CNN Studios
  • Movie Day
  • Library Visits & Reading Day - We will regularly visit the library and/or have representatives conduct reading time at our camp site.

**Activites are based upon location availability. Parents will have adequate advance notice for all field trips.

Young Masterminds of Atlanta is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization that serves the youth in numerous capacities such as Summer Success Enrichment (day) Camps, mentoring programs, workshops and more. Our curriculum meets the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards requirements coursework and has also been carefully crafted to focus on personal development, financial literacy, entrepreneur concepts, communicative protocol, CRCT enrichment, leadership, and much more. Our Masterminds will be challenged daily to expand their thinking and learn how to utilize their gifts to make a positive contribution to society. We guarantee to provide an exciting and engaging learning environment that will nourish their inner desire to be great!


Featured themes of the Inner Mastermind program:

I Am Great!

Every morning the Masterminds will say affirmations to motivate them for greatness! Building confidence and developing a sense of self worth is a continuous theme at YMA. To encourage this progression, each Mastermind will keep a personal journal to write down their thoughts on various topics. This form of expression encourages self-reflection, develops their critical thinking skills and shows them that writing can be fun & enjoyable.

Operation: DREAM BIG!

This module focuses on the powers that exist in dreaming big and introduces practical techniques for good decision making. The hands-on project for this theme includes creating a vision board. Each Mastermind will create a detailed collage that represents their dreams, goals and aspirations. The vision board will help them set priorities and encourage positive change.

Make a Difference! (Entrepreneurship)

To explore the various ways of creating revenue and making a difference in the community, the Masterminds will collaborate with their business partners (fellow camp class mates) to participate in developing a business proposal for a product-based company. After brainstorming ideas, they will work in a group setting to decide upon a business endeavor. The Masterminds will then present a complete business proposal to a group of investors (YMA's leadership team) for "funding approval". Once the proposal is approved, the Masterminds will execute the plan, sell the products and make REAL money in return! This challenging but exciting exercise will enhance their creative problem solving skills while teaching specific entrepreneurial principles. They will then have the option to pick a charity or community organization of their choice to donate a portion of their revenue to; or they may chose to donate their time.